Therapon Counselling

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I change” . Carl Rogers

There are moments in life when you may feel confused, undecided, fatigued. Moments when everything seems uncomfortable, and a strong desire for personal change arises, but the way ahead is still unclear.

Through counselling, you can learn to recognize and enhance your unique resources as well as your connection with yourself and your social context and relations.

Like everyone, you deserve to get through core issues that appear in your life, stopping the engagement in automatic behaviors, strengthening your inner resources and drawing upon these along the way.

The word therapist comes from ancient Greek, therápōn (θεράπων), which means a faithful attendant who voluntarily serves another.

Therapy is not a cure dispensed by a therapist. Therapy is a process
created by the person who is in therapy, accompanied and supported by the therapist. In your therapeutic process, I will be a caring, nonjudgmental companion who treats you with respect and confidentiality. I promise to be fully present, offering you my experience and knowledge during our work together.

You, with your unique story and personality, can enhance the ability to explore your feelings, gaining clarity to identify, address, and solve problems as they arise.

Areas of special focus:

connectedness in genuine relationships
newcomers’ emotional isolation